Found Footage Critic

Yours truly is now official a staff writer at! It’s an awesome site that reviews and catalogs found footage films—basically IMDB for found footage.

My first review went up today. I reviewed 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck, a flawed and rather tasteless, but overall entertaining supernatural horror flick. You can read the synopsis below. Definitely check it out if you enjoy found footage and/or horror!

In 2010, paranormal investigators tried to film Richard Speck’s ghost at the site of his heinous killing spree. The victims’ families have finally released the footage that documents their last days.


BelleSF: First publication!


It’s a mark of how terrible I am at keeping up this blog that it’s taken me until now to report that a story of mine has appeared in Issue #2 of BelleSF. BelleSF is a Bay Area print magazine that describes its focus as “Art, Culture, Nudie.” There are articles on San Francisco culture, local artists, and gorgeous early-Playboy style pictures of naked girls. It’s cool and stylish and  I– a perfectly objective reviewer — think it’s worth a look.

The story is “The Ghost on Your Back,” which is my take on the ghost and haunted house genre. I’m proud of it and ecstatic that I’ve finally succeeded in getting something out there. Neil Gaiman talks about the business of writing being like throwing messages in bottles out into the sea. For the first time, one bottle has come back to me. I hope this will be the beginning of a snowball of success. And money. Hopefully, lots and lots of money.

Here’s the crazy awesome illustration by Gabriel Garcia Fraire that was run with the story:



Update and Conference

Hello. Due to school starting up (and not really having much to say), I’ve neglecting this blog for a while. I thought I’d check in, though, to tell you I’ll be going to the San Francisco Writers Conference February 13th  through the 16th. This is my first writers conference , and I’m a comination of childishly excited and scared out of my wits.

I’m bringing a stack of business cards, copies of my synopsis, a notecard with my pitch, my first three chapters, my poor, beleaguered laptop, and a mountain of pens and paper. Oh, and Wicked Good Time by Diana Tremain Braund, if I haven’t already finished it by then. (Solid book, and my introduction to romance).

I’ve also signed up for the agent speed dating. I have to practice my pitch and work on my smiles, handshakes, and confidence. (Fully expecting to come home with cold or flu). I’m taking a nothing-ventured-nothing-gained attitude towards the whole thing. At the very, very least it will be a new experience.

I’m hoping I’ll meet some fellow writers, as well as agents and editors; maybe even some more experienced than me who can give me some pointers.

I’ll be giving updates, maybe with photos, from the conference. You can watch in near real time either my inspiring success or tragicomic failure. Should be fun!


On this inaugural post, I thought I’d take the time to give a summary of some of my current projects.


I’m about three-fourths done with the third novel of what is planned to be a six book series. I’ve already written the first two. The books so far are:

  • Blasphemer
  • Heretic
  • Perdition
  • Prophet
  • Tribulation
  • Kingdom

The series is an urban fantasy based on Christian mythology. My elevator pitch is as follows:

  • Angels and demons stalk the earth, humanity’s protectors have fallen, and the End of everything is coming. Five nobodies turned unlikely heroes take the fight to the top: gunning for God himself.

The books mostly action/adventure. I like fast-paced stories with plenty of action and knock-down-drag-out-fights between good and evil. I also wanted to make a speculative fiction story with a diverse cast, in gender, races, sexual orientation, and and ability. Not that I’m much for fiction that exists just to tick diversity boxes. I like my books to be led by story, not politics.

In addition to writing Perdition, I’m in the middle of another edit on Blasphemer to get it nice and polished for another round of querying.

Recently, though, I’ve been putting more of a focus on building up a library of short fiction and submitting what I have to various markets. No luck with publication yet, but I haven’t been at it long, and I have a lot no shortage of ideas. Currently, I’ve only been working on science fiction and fantasy stories. I hope someday to experiment with other genres (probably not literary, though), but speculative fiction is what I’m naturally drawn to.

With the new semester coming up, I’ll have to balance writing with school and, hopefully, a day job. I’ll keep you posted on how I manage.

Be well!